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Song Xanh Cruise - MK10

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We have launched on last Oct 07 the first of a flotilla of 4 very unique, authentic and charming Sampans named "Song Xanh Cruise", designed for travellers looking for "private" cruise experiences in the Mekong Delta. On board, two spacious spaces of 15sqm each are equipped with beautiful bamboo and rattan furniture, creating a very charming atmosphere. A very attentive service is provided by a team of 4 crew members".

Reveal the truly world of Mekong Delta here https://mekong-deltatours.com/. They offer not only Mekong Cruises with competitive prices, but also a series of Mekong travel styles. Local experience, local prices for you.

Song Xanh Cruise  Features:

Song Xanh 1 (15m long x 3,5m wide, 1 living room transformed into a comfortable bedroom at night (15m2), 1 bathroom with wc, lavabo and shower, 1 sundeck at the back where chairs, table, and meals or drinks can be served)
Song Xanh 2 (18m long x 3,5m wide, 2 bedrooms, 1 living room that can be transformed into 1 more bedroom at night (15m2/each), 1 bathroom with wc, lavabo and shower, 1 sundeck at the back where chairs, table, and meals or drinks can be served)

Each sampan will carry a charming rowing boat ("Xuong"), nicely designed for deeper cruises along small canals and arroyos during the itinerary.



  • Credit cards accepted: Visa, MasterCard, American Express.
  • Foreign languages spoken: English, French.

More Information: Explore the legendary Mekong River with brothers of Song Xanh Sampan. We ensure to offer the best prices to your team. Song Xanh Sampan with small size, private space, authentic designs will be an intergral part of your trip into Mekong Delta.

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